Contaminated fuel can wreak havoc on your machine and cause permanent damage to your engine. Avoid expensive repairs and unnecessary downtime by following these tips

  • Tier 4 engines require better filtration than the previous tiers due to the fact they use much higher pressure fuel systems, so only use filters designed for your specific system
  • Use only OEM or manufacturer recommended fuel filters and change them according to your manufacturer’s recommendations to protect your machine’s warranty
  • Change your filter at the beginning of the winter season to avoid additional filtration issues caused by cold weather
  • While the cost of high quality fuel filters has increased, their ability to filter out more contaminants than ever has also improved. Ignoring required filter changes will likely lead to expensive downtime
  • Drain trapped water from your machine’s fuel filter daily
  • Never pre-fill a new filter during installation
  • Never open fuel connections downstream of the fuel filter, as this can allow contaminants into your engine that require expensive repairs

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